Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Coloma here she comes!

Pioneer Girl

Yesterday, Miriam left to go on a field trip to Coloma.  She'll spend three days at the Coloma Outdoor Discovery School.  Every fourth grader in our school district looks forward to this first big field trip to the place where gold was first discovered in California.  Ever since they were in first grade they began to hear about this trip from the older students and as a result they get to imagine how it is to be on this field trip.   Now for the first time in her life she will spend the night (or a couple nights for that matter) without either one of her parents in the same building.  Scary and exciting!

Excited to go on her first 3-day field trip

For Miriam, Coloma is not new to her since our family went there a couple of times but what she is looking forward to is spending a couple of nights with her friends in the same cabin.  Prior to this trip they got to choose four friends whom they would like to share quarters with.  She considered herself fortunate because she got to be in the same group with four out of the four she chose.   She brought a chess set because she intends to teach one of her favorite friends play the game.  Fun!

Tim always tried to volunteer as chaperone whenever our kids went on a long field trip and this is no exception.  Even if he does not get to be in the same group as Miriam, the thought they are both in the same campus is comforting. 

Ready to go! 

Miriam has always stayed with me.  There was never a time when she was not with me other than the time when Shannon and I went to Spokane for a mother-and-daughter trip. Being the last child she spent a lot of time being the baby.  Now for the first time she leaves home and mommy.

It is my hope that she will be in her usual adventurous, curious, and friendly disposition.  May God keep them all safe.  I am looking forward to their return.

Pioneer from Mars :)

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  1. It sounds like such a wonderful experience. How fun! She looks adorable.


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