Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Horse Camp

Getting ready to play some games.  Miriam is the second from the left.

Miriam is a very confident rider.  She's getting Romeo to trot.

Miriam and 'Romeo' the horse at the arena.

Learning to prepare the horse before the ride.

Petting 'Trinity'

Feeling alone during the first day but it did not last long.  She made friends quickly.  

Miriam just completed her third day at camp today and she's still very excited with all the things that she's learning and doing.  She keeps telling me about the different horses she works with and their identifying characteristics.  Sometimes I wish that her siblings were here to hear about all her stories.  Each camper is assigned a horse to ride throughout the week but they get to work with different horses when it comes to doing related jobs (grooming, learning how to give horses a shot, training young horse, and maybe feeding).


  1. What a fun learning experience. So glad she's enjoying it. :)

  2. I can't tell you how happy she was. She told me that she's glad that she didn't make it to BLITZ (Lakeside Church VBS). It's the novelty of the experience, I guess. Shannon attended a similar camp at Wolf Mountain Christian Camp when she was younger so Miriam is doubly glad for having done what her big sister did.


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