Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Alone

The 'Shoe Tree' as seen on the road to Shonto

It should be quiet here because I am all alone...

Tim, Shannon and Brahms are Shonto, Arizona on a mission trip.  Along with twenty other friends and church mates, they are working at a Navajo Indian reservation, to help some people improve their houses.  This is the second year they've gone to Shonto.  They liked the experience that they were willing to do it again.   The name Shonto translates to "sunshine springs", they say.  I know that it is a dessert place with lots of solar energy going into it but I also like to imagine that there is a spring of water in that place instead of only a "spring of sunshine".  

Miriam is also in another type of "spring" - Shingle Springs.  She's enrolled at the Equine Unlimited for a week-long horse camp (only during the day).  I stayed there this morning to watch her ride.  I was impressed with her confidence in dealing with the horse 'Romeo'.  I've heard many new terms related to horse-riding today.  Malinda Kregoski, who is a certified riding instructor, rides her horse as she instructs the campers.  It was interesting even to me as a spectator.  They get to swim in the afternoon which I think is a good way to get the kids clean and cool after having been with the horses.  

It should be quiet here... but that is not the case.  I hear all the clocks ticking and the refrigerator seem to be humming all the time.  Yes, these are my companions in the house and I'd rather have the usual noise-makers than these ones.

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