Thursday, June 10, 2010

Visiting an Old Time

To Shannon and Brahms it did not seem right that Miriam was not home.  So far they have spent a decade together that they didn't know what to do without her, never mind that they don't even pay attention to her when she's around.

I remember the time when Brahms went to first grade and Shannon was in third.  Miriam, who was probably one and a half at that time, was watching the TV.  When the show Dora came on she ran to the stairs and called her sibling, "Annee, Atee!  Dowa's on!"  (She used to call Brahms Annee, we didn't know why.  Shannon gets the title "Ate" for being her big sister.)  They've spent a summer long together and the pattern got stuck in her.  When the show was on she'd call them but this time she was alone at home.  Loneliness sank in.  It was not fun watching TV without brother and sister.  I had to step in and take their place. 

The same thing happened to the two older kids during this week.  Something was wrong without their little sister.  Eventually they began to do things together like they used to.  They reverted back to the time before Miriam.  It was amusing and endearing to see them go back to their collection of Beanie Babies and began to recollect the memories associated with each of their stuffed animals.   To say that there was a lot of laughter is an understatement.  They were like toddlers again except that this time they are much bigger.
After all the amusement they arrived at a decision to pack them and send them to children who do not have a lot of toys.  What a great idea! 

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  1. That is a great idea. I'd like to do the same with our tubs of stuffed animals. We have some Beanie Babies too....I had forgotten about those. It is interesting to think back on those times and how playtime changes over the years. It was always Calista and Caroline playing together and now Caroline plays more with the twins. I'm sure that will change again too. I recognize some of the Beanie Babies in the photo. We have a few of the same ones :)


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