Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Full of Surprises

Ms. Williams and Miriam doing the Basketball Dance

The Open House at Brooks finally came and gone.  Since Miriam is our third child we assumed that things are the same and we were just there to show our unrelenting support to our child and her teacher.  On the contrary we were adequately surprised by so many new things.  For example instead of showing us work that they have done in writing, math or science, Miriam brought us to the computer lab to show us a movie she made about the places that her family (us) visited in the past.  Mr. E. Nordquist is smart to choose this to highlight the student's accomplishment. This is a technologically relevant skill and it makes the kids proud for being able to do something that is appropriate in this YouTube-saturated generation.  Miriam was proud to let us know that her movie was one of the class favorites.   

In P.E. we saw the students, under the direction of Ms. Williams, do a very athletic and synchronized steps-and-gestures called the Basketball Dance.  This took the place of the traditional Square Dance that the students did on their Open House.  Miriam was really into it and she was actually graceful - if grace was related to basketball. 

The other thing that surprised me is that Miriam displayed her extraordinary performance in doing the double jump rope.  I never thought that jump rope can be a very exciting sport.  With her keen rhythm and agility, she was bouncing like a ball!   One of the girls manning the ropes was Jenae, Miriam's friend, whose focus was impeccable. 

Miriam seem to truly enjoy her time at Brooks.  She continually surprises us.

Janae (R) and Miriam bouncing left and right like a ball.
When we begin to assume that we already know everything, we are about to find out that we are wrong! 
Miriam was really impressive!

 I love Open Houses - it's a time to be reminded of the noble tasks that teachers do.  We appreciate the teachers at Brooks Elementary School.  Parents like us can either choose to support the teachers or stab them with nasty discouraging remarks...but as for me and my husband we will support and respect them for the part that they play/played in the lives of our children.  
Hooray for Miriam!  Hooray for Brooks Elementary!  

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