Friday, June 4, 2010

Making Do With What We Got

They seem to play more together these days.

The plan was to go find this Slough near the American River where we could walk and enjoy nature.  We travelled close to an hour on I-5 before we turned unto this small scenic road that leads us to our destination. Then we turned one more time to a much smaller and unpaved road.  With anticipation we looked forward, literally, to see where Tim planned for us to go.  The road split and we chose to go left only to find out that it led to a power house of some sort.  Immediately we turned around and followed our other option.  We must be getting closer, we thought, but the pot holes are getting deeper and now they are at almost two feet deep.  At this time I was beginning to panic as I was reminded of a time when we had a guest come to our place who got "high-centered" when she drove out of our driveway.  The hump on the driveway is not even a foot high and now I am looking at a very deep holes and mini mountain ridges in front of us.  So I begged Tim that we turn around.   It was difficult to turn back because of the very narrow holey-road we were in but Tim being a good driver managed it.  That is not saying that there was no screaming in the car during that process.   
After having been in that desolate place we found relief in a town called Walnut Grove where the population might be in the three-digit mark.   A draw bridge invited us to cross to the other side of the American River and saw a quaint store called Central Market.  I went inside and found myself thinking that this place must be so far away from home.  Yet we were only one hour away. 

While other plants died water lilies find new life. 

 "No matter where we are as long as we are together we can always have fun." ~ Lewis Family

Dead trees make great props.

We watched the draw-bridge go up for boats and go down for cars.

Miriam always finds a stick.

This place has the potential to be romantic or poetic...?

Draw  bridges seem to be common around that place which means that people are not satisfied being on one side of the river.  Why do people cross the the American River? :)

So we did not find our intended destination...but we were together and we drove happily back home.  We stopped in a small town north of Stockton to get some ice cream which made our trip even more delightful.   Mababaw talaga ang kaligayan namin.  Indeed we are easy to please. :)

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