Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Buying a door is like buying a car.  You never pay attention to the make of cars until you are shopping for one.  Since we started looking for a door-style, doors suddenly became the most interesting feature of any home that I see.  Tim and I have been walking around our neighborhood for our morning exercises for years and I hardly ever paid attention to the doors of homes around.

After looking at so many different brochures, I think we have decided on a door to replace our broken one.  We have a quote from Home Depot, but until the contractor comes to make the final measurements then our options remain open.  The door is single with two wings (I think that's what they call the vertical glass panels on each side of the door).  We are planning to  replace it with a double door without wings but I am vacillating between that and the former style.  With a double door, bringing in and out furniture and appliances will be a lot easier but I also like the light coming in through the glass panels on the wings of a single door.  One thing is final at this time - we are getting a wood door (with a glass) instead of a fiber glass door.

In the meantime, our insurance company already informed us of the check that they wrote for us.  Although it is not sufficient to cover all the replacement cost of what we lost, it is substantial enough that we can afford to upgrade without breaking the bank.  God is good!

Things are moving forward but we were told that the door we are going to purchase will still have to be shipped from Panama.

We are learning...

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