Thursday, January 24, 2013

Miriam's Drawings

Drawing 1.   Miriam's self portrait.  (Notice Lexy the bunny.)

One of the things that I always tell my children is to attempt to "produce" not just "consume".  Watching TV, movies, reading, and video games are all considered "consuming" activities because you are just using something that was produced by someone else.  It is not at all bad to consume but there should be a balance between that and being the one in charge.    Writing, drawing, planning, creating, analyzing a book or a movie, journaling, and cooking are examples of activities that produce. Producing is when you initiate something to happen - you are the boss.

Drawing 2.  The crow and the wizard.  (Notice the cattails in the background.)

Miriam has been "producing" these beautiful pictures.  She seems to have improved a lot since the last time she showed me her drawings.  She has been using the digital drawing tablet that was a handed down to her from Shannon.  I think that her big sister encouraged her to draw more

Shannon has been drawing for a long time and she has become very good at it.  I wished I also had collected her old drawings.  But I think she has a new blog where she posts her creations.    

There will be more of these drawings in the future...I'm glad that technology now allows me to store them digitally. :)

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