Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stanyan Park Hotel

Sitting room with Miriam under the blanket.

Here we are in San Francisco at the Stanyan Park Hotel which is very close to the Golden Gate Bridge. We have a suite which is like a big apartment.  It has two bedrooms (a queen bed in one and two twin beds in the other).  The living room is equipped with a hide-a-bed and very nice seating.  It has a separate dining room and a full kitchen area.  This is much bigger than the apartment we rented in London England few years ago or the one we stayed in Perth, Scotland. The hotel is a historic building and the furnishings and decor remind me of some old British homes as seen iides a lot of places to n movies such as those of Jane Austen - not the kind of Mr. Darcy's or Bingley's but that of the less opulent families.   The heating is old fashioned but they work perfectly.  The kitchen is furnished but there is not a dishwasher.  Who'd expect a dishwasher in an old house anyway?  We have two televisions, old fashioned telephones and WiFi.  There is no parking space directly adjacent to the building but there is a parking area across the street.  A little bit inconvenient especially that we came with an ice chest full of food.  And yet it is more economical than having to have valet parking where we would pay at least fifty dollars daily.  The place is very close to the Golden Gate Park where we strolled this morning.

Close to the hotel is a McDonald's restaurant where some homeless folks and hippies like to hang out.  It's nice to be in the city and see how the other people live. Being here reminds me that we live a very protected life in El Dorado Hills.

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