Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cassava Cake deLight

While cleaning the freezer yesterday, I saw bags of frozen cassava buried under all the more popular selection of foods.  The immediate thought that came to mind is Cassava Cake.  It's been ages since the last time I made cassava cake.  Ate Ludy Tanchoco gave it to me when we were still living in the Bay Area.  She used to make it for the potlucks at BABF.  It is the best cassava cake ever.  However, her recipe is loaded with fat and calories (just look at the pictures below - I even misspelled the word "ingredients" :)). 

Today, I made my cake with some modifications.  I used only half of the coconut milk, butter, and condensed milk.  Tim, Brahms and I sampled it...and the verdict:  it is still very good! Nonetheless, there's still a lot of room left to make it less rich.  

This recipe has been in my recipe binder for almost two decades.  :) 

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