Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AP Classes Cost Money

This year Shannon enrolled in six AP (Advance Placement) classes.  Brahms enrolled in one.  I was pleased because that means that if they pass these classes that they won't have to take them in college.  Now the school year is about to end, the kids are preparing for the final exams and guess what?  We have to pay for their exams.  AP exams are expensive - $89 per subject.   Multiply that by seven.   In the previous years when we were paying for two or three AP exams for Shannon alone, we didn't seem to notice the cost.   Well, I will be consoled by the knowledge that if they pass their exams their college fees will at least be reduced. 

Next year I will be more aware of the monetary implication of AP classes.   I will still encourage my kids to take them if they can.  Who knows, God will still allow us to afford the cost.  :)

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