Sunday, March 6, 2011

Talent Show

Watching and waiting for their turn.

March 9, 2010 marks the first time that Miriam participated in the school Talent Show.  She decided to join Will Lezsinske and Erich Lippuner perform a Pokémon dance.  The three of them practiced a couple of time at our house.  The idea came from Will but the mastermind for the choreography was Miriam.  There were times when I tried to insert my suggestions but were quickly disregarded.  Their performance turned out very well.   The experience of coming up with a concept and putting it into a stage performance is desirable.  Doing the whole process with two other friends - having to agree or disagree and compromise with them - required a healthy exercise of humility and determination.  My Miriam is such a kind and sweet girl.  On the other hand, she has her own mind to know when to give up or fight for an idea.  This is a skill or talent that every person - young and old need to have.   

Miriam amazed her friends when she decided to join two other boys for the show. 

Two boys and one girl... They were so cute!!!

Miriams classmates and friends - Tobias, Will, Alex and Erich.

Although this is Miram's first Talent Show experience at Brooks Elementary, she has participated in several stage performances through our church.  In fact she is currently in the cast for the next Spring Musical.

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