Friday, March 18, 2011

Tim's Other Job

Tim wears an apron on top of his Phoenix Technologies shirt.

 Every Friday Tim takes and early lunch break to go help at the Senior Center.  The Senior Center is place where elderly people in the community can go when the house feels lonely.  One of the things that the Senior Center offers is food service.  A senior person can eat all their meals there if they want to for a very minimal price.  This is the area where Tim volunteers to work.

A fulfilled life does not only focus on ones desires but also on helping others.   The Senior Center relies on volunteers' help to cut cost.  This in turn would allow the elderly to eat inexpensively.  Tim takes a couple of hours from programming or debugging codes in order to help plate meals and wash dishes.   He also gets a chance to talk with the old folks while he eats lunch with them.  This part is not very long because like a real laborer, he's got some work to do in the kitchen.  :)

Tim learns to use a commercial-grade dishwasher. 

This job makes Tim happy.  Every time he comes home from this volunteer job, his face is all red and sweaty from the steam in the kitchen but he is smiling. He takes of his hat and goes back to his job as a BIOS Architect for Phoenix Technologies.
Tim posing with Yvonne, the Director of the Senior Center.

"From now on, any definition of a successful life must include serving others."   ~  George Bush

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