Sunday, April 3, 2011

Narrowed Down Options

University of California - Santa Cruz

Shannon applied undeclared to nine different universities - five UCs and four private.  So far she's accepted in the honors programs of UC Santa Barbara and UC Irvine; and UC Santa Cruz.   She has not been accepted into three of the private universities she applied to but she waits for the decision of her highest priority university - St. John's University.  With the arrangement that we made with Shannon it is likely that she will not be able to afford the latter unless the university will offer her a substantial financial aid.

University of California - Santa Barbara

Therefore, her options are down to three very good universities.  Will it be Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz or Irvine?  When she applied to these colleges we prayed that God will show us the best place for her by the responses she'd get.  I personally was hoping for UC Davis because I wanted her to be within an hour drive from home.   It turns out that it will not be that way.  Santa Cruz is beautiful; the ocean on one side and the university is nestled in a Redwood forest.  Santa Barbara is similar to Santa Cruz - located on the coast just further south from Santa Cruz.  We've heard some opinions from other people we know about these campuses but we remain waiting on God's final say.

University of California - Irvine

As of this day, Shannon is leaning towards Irvine.  She liked it when we visited the place and the offer to be in the honors program is very encouraging.  She will be given the opportunity to work with the faculty.  UCSB's offer is similar but we seem to favor Irvine.  It would seem to be the most practical place for her to go.  Tim and I agree with her although it would mean that I will not be able to drive (seven hours) to go see her.  Flying down there, on the other hand, takes an hour.  

So, will she go to Irvine?  We do not know yet.  Until she has to make a decision, we will wait for sharper instructions from God.   It is my prayer that we will be sensitive as to differentiate our desire from God's will for her - so that we may choose His will over ours.  

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