Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All-Girls Week

The three of us girls are all alone together while the boys are in Milpitas doing their own business.  The atmosphere is always different when girls are together.  My daughters seem to like to talk to me more when I am one-on-one or one on two with them.  There is a sense of privacy that comes from being alone with Mama

The times I spend with my daughters are priceless.  It is the time when they get to be "real" with me.  When there is no one else listening to our conversations they have freedom to be honest and vulnerable at the same time.  I consider it as the prime time to float my influence as their attention is focused on me. Young girls need a time to be with their moms because it helps them grab on to the confidence that they need before they open their wings into the unprotected world.   Parent, in general, are pioneers.  Healthy children look up to their folks for guidance and assurance.  In the absence of a strong influence in their lives, the kids search for one either in their teachers, peers, friends, etc.  We just hope that they will not consider the impersonal World-Wide-Web as a place to look for a role model.

Yesterday we went hiking on the hills that border El Dorado Hills and Folsom.   It was very nice to be on a hill where we could see both towns.  It has been my observation that Shannon is spending more and more time with Miriam teaching her some of the things that she need to know before she leaves to go to college.   She taught her how to create a video of her drawing and posting it on YouTube.

Today we went to see the movie "Rio" with Emily Kennedy and her mom (Linda) and sister (Julia).  Emily is one of Miriam's best friends.  We had lunch at McDonald.  Miriam had piano lessons from Shannon while Shannon had her lessons from the PIOM.  We went to Wal-Mart and bough all sorts of things ranging from clothing to cake mixes. 

Tomorrow we plan to go to Costco and get Shannon a new pair of glasses. She needs something to use when she does not want to use her contact lenses.   Shannon will work for an hour to tutor Charlotte Leszinske...We'll see what we can do for fun tomorrow. 

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