Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mito Kids Walk

El Dorado Hills Town Center.

Last Saturday Shannon,  Brahms and I joined some four hundred people for the Mito Kids Run/Walk.  This was the second year of this effort to raise money for research for mitochondrial disease.  This campaign was initiated by one of the teachers in Oak Ridge High School.  Two of her grandchildren are diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. 

Mito Kids
A child with mitochondrial disease cannot enjoy eating - the pleasure that we take for granted.  Their systems cannot convert food into energy which means that they are fed intravenously (?).  Each of the kids has a small cart that holds all their feeding paraphernalia that are attached to them.   According to the limited information that I have, the kids are expected to live only up to their teenage years.  I do hope that these kids will live longer than that.

My kids and I had fun.  We got tired power-walking five kilometers but we rewarded ourselves generusly afterwards.  On our way home we stopped by our favorite donut place - to replenish all the lost energy.  :) 

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