Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sparkies Leader

This is the Sparkies Director.  He does not always look like this, believe it or not.  I will recount what happened.

Our local AWANA club plans to support another similar club in India.  To do this a penny-drive was launched.  The team who collected the most money at the end of the drive was given a special reward - the privilege to throw pies at our Awana Commander, Andy Haug, and Sparkies director, Tim Lewis.  Hence, the picture.   It was unfortunate that what was supposed to be pies were in fact pseudo-pies (whipped cream).  Otherwise, Tim would have secretly enjoyed the experience.

This whole exercise provided entertainment for the kids for a few minutes.  Both Tim and Andy were fine after washing their faces.  I hope that next year the club will come up with a different and less messy reward for the winners!

Anyway, Tim is in France with Brahms right now, so there will be a guest teacher during AWANA council time - me.   They better not throw pies at me becaue I will be prepared to throw them bread.  :)

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