Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prairie Falcon

Bernadette's Wedding Quilt

Recently we've been blessed by the hospitality of several of our friends.  Last Sunday we were invited by the Cranmers to their place on Prairie Falcon.  Bernadette experimented on a Rachel Ray Macaroni and Cheese with chicken and broccoli.  Our mac n cheese connoisseur, Miriam, proclaimed that it was great.  Shannon gave two thumbs up on the bread while Brahms felt privileged to have been offered Mountain Dew- my deprived son. :)

They showed us a movie regarding their king-size wedding quilt.  The quilt looks very traditional and expected but the manner it was installed on their 20-foot high wall was anything but predictable.   They appropriately named the movie, "The Quilt and Chandelier Adventure."  If you are a facebook friend of Bernadette, view it and be part of the nerve-wrecking adventure. 

Indeed our visit at Falcon Court was full of fun and excitement.  We watched their pet snake eat a baby mouse.  Shannon and Miriam played with it for a while which made me cringe inside.  

We like Dan and Bernadette, they are a nice and friendly couple.  It was good to watch and understand them better.  I'm pretty sure they too learned so much about the way we operate as a family. 


  1. Did Bernadette make the quilt? I'll have to check it out on facebook. I've never been to Prairie Falcon. Is it around here? We've been here about 2 years already but haven't explored much yet.

  2. The quilt was made by her aunts(5)together. It's their family tradition to give one to whoever in the family is getting married. (I wished I was in that family:) Prairie Falcon Court is their street name...I omitted the Ct just for fun. Hope everyone is healthy now at the Roberts Place.


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