Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Old French Creek

This picture is taken from the house of Zandor and Janis Barat.  Guess what it is...:)

Janis and Zandor had us over for dinner last Saturday at their place on Old French Creek Road.  The dinner was great and it was fun getting to know them more.   We have watched them when they were still a dating couple and then we were doubly honored to be invited to their engagement and wedding parties.  They are such a sweet couple - so in love with each other!   Zandor made a very good Russian-style tea - it was custom-made using some herbs and fruits from his garden.  I enjoyed it a lot!
Janis owns her own business called Resume Professionals.   Zandor, I believe, is a wood worker specializing in fine cabinetry.  They maintain an organic vegetable garden which makes me feel jealous.  If you go to their house in the summer expect to bring home tomatoes, peppers, etc.


  1. WOW!!! You are so... sweet. Thank you for your kind words of us. We loved having you all over for dinner it was truly a blast, we can't wait for those fresh veggies to start growing, you will prosper...haha
    Hey, guess what? I was at a job fair on Tuesday and I was interviewed by ABC News, I posted it on my blog please visit and check it out too... God Bless and take care

  2. Wow! Janis, you were very professional in the way you carried yourself. Way to go!
    More God-power to you, my friend!


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