Sunday, March 21, 2010

My AWANA Girls

This is the first year that I've worked as a Sparky group leader to a group of four girls. They may be young but the girls in my group are very sharp kids.  Most of them are very familiar with their bible stories and are regular church-goers.  They fight for their turn to tell their stories about themselves and their families (all of which are good) to me.  They are so innocent, curious...and I enjoy them a lot.

Mikaela, (my leader-in-training) is a tremendous help for me.  She's very good to the little girls.  She also enjoys being the coach to the Green team during game time.   She makes my life easier. :)

Joelle Headrick

Mandy Immer

Natallie Weiland

Guest : Jordyn

Olivia Jeffrey

Mikaela Bagdanov (My Assistant)

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