Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Saturated Exercise

Tim has a long term goal for walking everyday but his immediate goal is to get coffee from Starbucks or Peet's depending on the day.  He buys a mocha, soy latte, or espresso con panna.  If that is all that is required for him to do his needed daily exercise and for us to walk together every morning, then bring in more coffee. 

.Our walk is so regular that people who see us get used to us and we get used to seeing them as well.  We see the school bus to Sacramento at the same place.  We'd see the bus going to Oakridge after the second stop light and we know that the students in the bus are also observing us because one of the students in the bus is Ross, Shannon's classmate.  He tells her that he uses our location as indicators of time.  Depending on where we are when he sees us, he'd know whether the bus is on time or not.  He also knows that I always walk on Tim's right side.

This morning the weather was calm with no hint of rain.  With the clouds being high, it was supposed to be a good day for walking. The wind was strong moving the clouds to where they ought to.   "To Starbucks!" he said.  The walk there was pleasant, we talked and said inside-jokes about stuff that that goes into my coffee and about a cat that followed my neighbor home which eventually became their cat.  We even had the time to make fun with the students in the school bus; I walked on the other side. 

Well, the walk was not all merry as we've started.  After Tim got his cup of soy latte, the rain started to fall on us.  Initially we could make it look like fun.  But then it poured and our search for a shady tree began.  I must say that during this time of the year, there are not a lot of trees that could give us a temporary shelter.  Bare branches just don't do the trick.  Then we saw a redwood tree and stood underneath it; Tim finished his coffee but the rain is now even stronger.  The hope for a dry-walk is all gone.  We were confronted with two choices:  find someone to give us a ride home or press on.  We chose the latter.  Still talking a lot, but this time we were walking twice the speed that we normally take.  In no time we made it home totally saturated.

The second shower and second cup of coffee were good. 

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