Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Because I take so many pictures on any given time, I thought that, every end of the month, I will post choice pictures of the month - those ones that I did not already feature in other post but reflects what happened that month

School starts :  Books are covered with brown paper.

Tim looks old compared to Elisha :)
The yard looks cooler than it felt

Spending more time in learning to draw

Hummingbirds provide daily entertainment
August is like the last month of pregnancy.  You know you have just enough tolerance for the tormenting heat of summer as you look at the depressing gray/brown appearance of the once-upon-a-time green plants - because you know you will get a relief sooner or later.  It is the time when we are all ready for the change but when we get there we'll find out that we're not prepared at all.  Nevertheless, life will go on and we will survive - and with the right attitude we might even enjoy the ride.  :)

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