Friday, September 23, 2016

Change in the Menu

Every year since we got married, Tim has requested the same menu for his birthday dinner.  And every year, he enjoys every thing in it as he did the first time I was at his birthday dinner - as prepared by his mom on the first year of our marriage.  Our children know and have learned to love their father's birthday dinner.  I like it because I don't have to think every year.  I know exactly what to buy, when to start the process and it is very easy.  The same thing is served either it is only the family or when we invite people over for his birthday for a bigger get-together.  But this year is different.  He wants to change the dessert portion of the menu.

Few days ago as he was talking to Brahms on the phone and he mentioned that it will be Angel Food Cake instead of have German Chocolate Cake.  Brahms' response was, "Who are you?  and what did you do to my father?"  :)  Miriam is fine with the change but I am not sure what Shannon thinks about it.  Maybe the fact that she won't be here to experience the difference - she won't care.  I'm guessing she'll say, "It's his birthday.  He can choose whatever he wants."

I think a change from a German dessert to a more heavenly alternative is in order!  

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