Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tim Turns Forty Eight

Tim reaches another milestone! God is good - good to my husband, good to me, good to my family - for every blessing that God gives him the whole family benefits in turn. Every birthday is a milestone - a reminder to recount the blessings of the past providing more courage and confidence to face the next one. The past reminds us of the grace of God that sustained us along the way.

Every year is different and we adjust to the changing dynamics of our family and our situation in general.  When Shannon went to college our tradition  to have all children on every birthday celebration changed.  While Brahms is still in Davis (45-minute drive from home) this year, he will be finishing up his degree next summer and he will also move on.  There is a possibility that he will be in a different continent by this time next year.  Does that mean that we will be celebrating with only one child at home?  Maybe.  But until we get there we do not know what the Lord will bring.  In the meantime we are grateful for every blessing and grace that we experience.

His birthday this year was a full busy day.  We started early with his requested breakfast - a tradition in our family to request your choice of meal for the whole day of your birthday.  I posted the following summary on Facebook today.  

1. After I greeted him happy birthday in the morning I asked how old he is.  He said. Forty eight.  I am not old.  God is old!"  So he pulled out an old CD and we listened to the song, "Old" by Paul Simon.  What an appropriate song!

2. He spent three hours alone while I attended a class in art.  I told him to reflect on his life but he said no. He went instead to discover new things that he wished he knew before.  Also he bought some games he wanted to play with us.

3.  Miriam said, "Daddy if you got one Pokemon every year you would have Rhydon by now! And that is cool!"

4.   We hiked the beautiful Avery Pond Trail after a lunch date at the cozy Farmhaus. We talked about the relationship between getting old and the mind that drives mobility.  We that as age, it is important to train our minds so that it will be

5. Had a fun dinner with two of our kids - the traditional dinner of course with a different dessert. Played Dominos and Mad Libs together including our Shannon through Skype. It was actually very fun! Thank God for technology!

6. And before the night was over, I whispered to him, "I like to think that when God formed you He had me in mind." :)

7. God is good!

Together we will face the future with humility instead of fear because we know the Lord God is always there with us.  

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