Sunday, October 2, 2016

Grace and Hospitality

"The grace and hospitality we receive from God at His table compels us to offer grace and hospitality to the 
hurting and broken in our world."  
~ Mike Lueken  

Today at church we had a communion service, as with every first Sunday of the month.  Pastor Mike Lueken talked about the table - the communion table - as an example for us to follow in the way we lead our lives in this world.  Indeed, the table depicts a picture of the ultimate grace and hospitality even shown to mankind.  Based on Ephesians 2:1-10, we were undeserving of God's grace but He chose to grant us mercy so that we could join Him at His table. Through faith we enjoy an abundant life with Christ.  But it should not end there.  Instead we are called to extend the same (maybe not the same but even just a percentage of what we received) grace and hospitality to others.  This hospitality is not always in the form of material things but of kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, understanding and all other good things,  I know from experience that it is way easier to judge and reject than to love someone who does not measure up to our standards. And yet the communion table reminds us that we were dead in out sins, but we were offered life.  You and I were not the last walking dead in our circle.  It is about time we live according to the life that we have been given.  A life born of mercy, grace and hospitality.  

This week I will find ways to be intentional about extending grace and hospitality starting with the people closest to me and then radiating outwards.  Help me God.

It has been three months since we started attending at Oak Hills Church.  One of the things that I appreciate is that Communion is handled in a solemn way.  Communion is taken very seriously at Oak Hills.  And that's a good thing!

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