Saturday, October 29, 2016

Visiting Brahms at the Farm

Today we went to visit Brahms.   Although we all are excited to see each other,  Miriam always expresses her excitement more.  She seems to miss her sibling a lot.

 Brahms gave us an official tour of his stomping grounds - UC-Davis Student Farm where he works as the Lead Student Farmer.  He seems very happy working there.  He enjoys the people he works with and most of all learning new skills and knowledge - everyday.  At the farm they produce organic produce supplies all the Dining Commons  and other restaurants at the university.  It is a very sustainable farm and Brahms had a very pleasant experience as an intern.  Now he is one of the regular staff working the farm.

 As a horticulturist who worked on a research station, I envy his experience in production that I never had.  But as a mother I am very happy for my son.  I think that his experience at this job is making him a very responsible guy learning the value of agriculture, labor and people.  God is good to him.

Of course I had to have our picture taken by the vineyard.  :)   We had a fun day with Brahms.  And then Tim brought Miriam and I to the mall so that we could shop at Lush.  :)

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