Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time is Running Out

Inside the glove compartment of our van I saw this watch still in its box today.  There's nothing magical about it, I assure you.  It was one of my Christmas gifts from Tim.  It has not been worn because it needs to be re-sized...maybe a couple of links less.  After Christmas I had planned to bring it to a jeweler, unfortunately, the place was closed.  So I decided to bring it with me the next time I went to Folsom.  Before I could go to Folsom, I saw another jeweler's place at the Town Center in El Dorado Hills which made me wished that I had it with me.  When I came home, I was determined to have the watch with me whenever I'd be out anywhere... so I placed it in the glove compartment of the van.   At least when I am in the right place, I can just grab it and voila!   Well, that was my plan.  It turned out that by putting it there, I forgot all about it.  I was only reminded about it last night when I was opening my birthday present.   It's been a month ago...

Somehow, the watch in the glove compartment represents the way I am handling my personal goals.  To admit this is self-deprecating but the truth can't be hidden.  Beautiful and noble objectives come to my mind but I don't put enough determination and effort to accomplish them.  I act as if they can be accomplished while doing the other everyday things such as bringing kids to their music lessons or shopping.  Each goal deserves a dedicated time and focus from me.   With every objective, there is a corresponding course of action that leads to its materialization.  At the end of the day, I look at my failure and infer that things didn't happen as they should have.  This is way too passive.  

This is the last week of January.  My time (or time-piece) is running out.  Soon it will be Valentine's Day again.  Do I have goals for this month?   Do I have goals for the year?  Do I have goals for this decade?  If I am now fifty-two, I'll be sixty-two in ten years.  What do I want myself to have done when that time comes?

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