Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Close Encounter

So beautiful, only God could have designed it.

No PBJ for me?

If you walk around the grounds of Scone Palace in Perth Scotland, the chance of seeing peacocks is predictably high.  They roam around like chickens except that they have this long tail that they carry around.    Then when they feel like showing off, they spread their tail feathers and display all their iridescence.

I was browsing through old pictures when I was reminded of that encounter with something I have never seen before.   It was not until 2005 on our family's trip to Scotland that I saw a peacock.  Not only that, I was very close that I could take a close up shot.   One thing I learned about nature is that there is always something beautiful about the intricate details of their features. 

If you were given a choice, who or what would you wish to see up close?

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