Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chess Tournament

"When you see a good move, sit on your hands and find a better one." ~ Bruce Pandolfini

Brooks Elementary School held a chess tournament today.  Miriam took the 2nd place individual trophy.  I've watched her play in chess tournaments from the time that she was the youngest member of the club when she was in first grade, to this time when she's among the best players in the club.  The problem with learning chess early in life is that defeat is always the name of your game.   Lucky for her... she had me to play chess with.  She had a better chance of playing a good game with me than with the rest of the family.  She and I were almost of the same rating.  We've not played together in a long time but I'm guessing that she's now way beyond me. 

Brahms ran the tournament with a little help from his daddy.  He helps Mrs. McClurg run the Chess Club at the school.  He seems to feel that this job is getting more rewarding as more kids show appreciation to the lessons that he teaches them.

A chess player needs to learn not only to win but also to handle defeat.  Shannon had to learn the latter today.  During the last tournament she squashed Ross Grier... this time she was careless and lost the game.  Her confidence probably led her to underestimate her opponent.  As a chess teacher, Pandolfini named the two most important forms of intelligence that he taught his students:  the ability to read other people and the ability to read oneself.  He considered these to be the two forms of intelligence you need to succeed at chess...and in life.

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