Monday, January 18, 2010


A while back, we have changed the nature of our big family trips from tourism and fun to mission and relationship oriented.   Instead of our usual favorite destination, Britain, our travels have brought us to smaller and less visited places like Belize (two times), Turkey, Shonto Arizona, and to places where we have relatives like the Philippines and Canada.  There was no lack of fun and adventure in all of these travels.

Each time a child of ours turns 14, one parent would bring that child to a place where none of us have been to before.  Brahms is fourteen now.  Initially, he was planning to go (or suggest going) cave spelunking and repelling.  However, with the earthquake that occurred last week, Tim and Brahms have been looking at the possibility of traveling to Port-Au-Prince.   Haiti is a huge overwhelming project right now and I wonder...what can my husband and son do?  That question will be answered later but the decision has to be made soon for time is running.  I'm sure my input in this decision will soon be necessary. 

Wisdom...please come to me now. :)

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