Monday, January 4, 2010


 January 4, 2010

Shannon attended driving school for the first time today.  Being my first child, she and I get to experience a lot of things first. Not only it is her first in driving school but it is also my first having a child learn to drive.  I was very nervous when her instructor came to pick her up.  What if he's not the real instructor?  I had to make sure that he identified himself as the person whom the Driving School assigned to her.  I was a relieved to hear him say, "Bruce".  About two hours later, the door bell rings and I was afraid to go open the door for fear that I might be confronted with bad news by a police officer.  I had to ask Tim, who opened the door, "Do you see Shannon?"

Physically she was fine... then she burst into tears.  Obviously, it was very traumatic having to drive El Dorado Hills Blvd. when the only place she's driven up to this point was around the business park on a Saturday afternoon.   Even after swearing not to drive anymore, she managed to drive with Tim in Francisco Drive after dropping off Miriam and Brahms to their music lessons.  I'm sure she was still stressed but not as intense anymore.

The emotions attached to first-experiences are always worth recording...because soon they will turn into jokes.

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