Saturday, July 23, 2016


The Lewis Cousins

With the exception of Shannon, I think all of the Lewis cousins have never been to Mattole before.  If not for the 90th birthday celebration of their Great Grandmother Lois, they probably won't have gone together to visit their ancestral homestead. Thanks to Carl and Paula who hosted and encouraged us all to survey the beauty and grandeur of the place.  My kids in particular really liked the place that they started imagining their next trip back. 

Tim has many fond memories of Mattole when he and his brother were younger.  In fact Tim and I spent our honeymoon in the older Mattole property.  The whole place to ourselves for miles away.  It was very romantic for sure!  

And now our kids have been introduced to the place...

Miriam always manages to fins a stick

Two Sisters

All the members of the Lewises are in this picture except for me who was behind the camera.

Tim looks like a very proud dad.

There will always be a water fight whenever they are in the water together.

Saskia models the blue kayak.

Who needs a floatie when you have a brother.

Brahms was entertained by the sight of his cousins trying to pull their mom into the water.

Type A people

Free Lewis Style Diving

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