Wednesday, July 27, 2016

R Street - July 2016

G-Ma: A Profile of Maturity, Balance, Stability and Beauty.

Ninety Years Old. If her life was a garden,it would have reached climax community - fully mature, balanced, stable and distinguished.  A life like hers can only be described by the wealth of experience and depth of wisdom achieved through years of growing.  All of us who know her are aware of her godly and loving character.  My kids like her a lot - and in spite of the generation gap, they think she's a cool great grandmother.  

The Gossards
Paul and Pam were so kind to bring the whole family together to celebrate the occasion.  They made all the necessary arrangements necessary for the multi-generation family to have fun including opening their beautiful home the night before we all went to Mattole - where Carl and Paula hosted us in "paradise".  

G-Ma with Paul and Pam
Because everyone was there, we had a family worship service at the R Street House.  Pam made a beautiful program where Tim gave the message on "How Not to Waste Your Life"; Daniel led the singing accompanied by Paul; and the some of the Lewis kids were given turns to read the scripture. It was very nice to part of a family where everyone share the same faith - old and young ones alike. 

G-Ma and the Latin/Classics  Girl
Mom (Marilyn) and Johnnye made sure we all had a great breakfast on that Sunday.  Served from the iconic G-Ma's kitchen and unto the plate-decorated dining room, nostalgia made the food taste really good!  It is like one of those days when we used to go to G-Ma's house and be awakened by the irresistible smell of food and the comforting sounds from the activities in the kitchen.  

G-Ma and the Software Developer

G-Ma and the Percussionist

Elisha: The youngest of the Gossard Clan

G-Ma and the Farmer Anthropologist

G-Ma and the Nerf Gunner and Duke Owner

The Family on R Street
We look forward to more years of making memories with the family - to imprint more of God's words into our hearts so that we can impress them on our children; to spend time with each other as we live out the knowledge we are learning about our Maker so that those outside our families will know that we serve Him.

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.” 
~ John Barrymore

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