Monday, July 25, 2016

Like an Airport

The convergence of cousins.
The airport is not the destination.  It is only a stop towards the destination.  People going to different destinations overlap at the airport. Some passengers stay there for few minutes,some for hours, some for almost a day, and still some stay at the airport for days - remember the movie Terminal?  The airport is like a house that is not your home because there you have chairs, food and restrooms. It is actually better than camping, as far as I am concerned.

Our house was like an airport in the last week. And this is an account of the comings and goings of guests (like passengers) during that time. Our own family (Tim, Miriam, Brahms and I) was like Tom Hanks in the Terminal - we live at the airport.

First Day: The Lewis- Nashville, Dave, Saskia, Juliana and DJ, arrived and stranded at the airport - their flight was delayed for three days.  It is always good to be with these folks.  There is always something new with them.  Julianna is getting getting ready to go to Oxford for a term and DJ will be going to high school!  These folks like diet coke now more than ever! :)

Second Day: The Grandparents (George and Barbara) and their dogs from Hollister arrived and stayed for half day.  Barbara is looked good and a lot better than the last time we saw them.  Thank God!  George is the same except for the normal signs of ageing - because who is not ageing at this point?

Third Day:  The Mussselman/Jordan Family (Kyrk, Jen, Maya and Jason) along with their new puppy from San Francisco , arrived at the airport at noon and left before six in the evening.  It was a few hours layover.    Jen looks great as usual.  This is the first time we met Kyrk since they got married, I think in March this year.  Looks like they make a good match and seem happy together.  Maya is growing up to be a smart and beautiful girl.  She learns very quickly, in fact she learned the game Settlers of Catan and she was very good at it.  David named her the Queen of Catan.  Likewise Jason is growing up as fast as his sister.  He is more quiet than Maya but he is also very keen and smart. The family recently moved to their new and got a new puppy named McGyver.

In the evening of the third day, my niece, Hazel, from Canada, arrived at the airport and stayed for day and a half.  She was on her way to go spend vacation time with her friend who she roomed with during the time she lived in England. She was only stopping by to bring some presents to us and to say hello.  She's a sweet girl.

Fourth Day:  Caroline, my sister-in-law's sister living in Sacramento, stopped at the airport only for a few hours - like a comfortable layover.  She and Saskia had enough time to catch up.  She was curious about plants and wondering if they would be good for their new yard.

In the evening Shannon, flying from Madison, arrived.  Now my own family is complete.  :)

Fifth Day:  The Lewis-Nashville flight finally departed after breakfast.  Later on that morning Hannah from Pleasanton came - we had lunch together and then she took flight with Hazel. Then there was just us, the people who live at the "airport".  :)  A few days later we too will have to leave the airport to go to a destination - Eureka, California.  At that point, the airport will be empty for a couple of days while we were all in a family reunion.

There is always food at the airport - not a lot of choices but there is  always something to eat.


The Lewis guys in one place - the kitchen :)


Taken before a silly photo-shoot with a cup of grape juice.

It was a happy time having relatives come  to our place.  We enjoy opening our home.  We like to catch up with each other and see the progression of things from the last time.  Getting together is a way of setting up markers along the road of life.  We might not remember everything that happened during the time but each person will remember something unique about it. 

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