Monday, February 1, 2016

Tim Speaks at Church Again

Just for the record, Tim preached yesterday because our pastor was on vacation with his wife celebrating their anniversary.  Based Luke 9:37-50, he came up with a topic entitled “Avoiding the Epic Fail”.  He talked about the deeper roots of man’s (especially Jesus’ followers) failures and the simple yet requiring life-change ways to avoid them.  Basically, his message says that if your goal in life is to glorify yourself then you are bound to fail.  And on the flip side - if your life is marked with desires to glorify God then you are in for an epic success.

How easily we all get blinded by personal glory.  No one is exempt.  We are all in a fierce pursuit of glory and position. As I sat and listen to him I realized that even being a parent of young children involved such ambitions.  It reminds me how I took so much pride when people complemented me and my husband for having good-mannered children.  But now I can look back on those days and say it was purely by grace.

Anyway, Tim did well using illustrations and analogies that are computer programming related.  He is better off using those illustrations because he's an expert in that department and who else sees better parallels?  The one that demonstrated this sermon clearly was "priority inversion".  It is a type of bug in programming and it parallels well with an important bug that infects spiritual life.  

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