Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miriam and Her Friends

Will, Erich and Miriam

These three kids all live in the same neighborhood.  Miriam L.  and Will L. are classmates and Erich L. is her friend ever since they were very small.   They spend a lot of time together either playing or walking to school together or just playing imaginary characters.  They posed for me because they all got the Golden Bear Award (academic excellence award for Brooks Elementary School).  In addition to that Miriam also got a special award for her Personal Effort and her superior performance in the Oral Interpretation Festival and  ... They were supposed to show their awards but they already tucked them into their backpacks when I asked them to pose for me.

Awards Ceremony

It is my observation that when these three kids are together they are very dependable.  We parents can ask them to walk home and they make it home with no problem.  However, when one is not with the group, the remaining two suddenly become extremely adventurous.  They try to come home using other roads.  One time Will and Miriam decided to take a "short cut" on Platt Circle.  It took them almost one hour to before we could find them.   Normally the walk would take fifteen minutes at the most. The weather was really hot and they were carrying a lot of books.   Laura, Will's mom, found them all sweaty and red.

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