Monday, April 12, 2010

Amenities of Our Town

The Town Center.  Our town has changed tremendously since the time we moved here.  Way back then there were only Raley's and Mc Donald's Restaurant and the two gas stations.  We used to go somewhere to do something.  One of the best additions to this place is the development of a nice place to go in El Dorado Hills.  We call it the Town Center!  It is a beautiful destination whenever the sun is shining.  When we can we'd pack our lunch in a basket, drive seven minutes and settle on a picnic table by the pond.  It is definitely simple, stress-free, and low-cost.  The fact that we can decide to go see movie in about fifteen minutes before the show starts is priceless.  On top of that, we now have a choice of where to have dinner when we decide to eat out.  Gone are the days when the nearest ice cream place was in Folsom.  Now we even have Cold Stone.   We almost now live in a city!  :)

The Library.  Of course there is also the public library as a very inviting destination for the kids.  One of their favorite things they did during this Spring Break was to walk to the library together.  What a cheap way to satisfy their need for something to read.

Two years ago or so, I encouraged Shannon to work in the library (volunteer).  She was accepted to work there and really enjoyed it.  Being a volunteer worker, she also found the library as a convenient place to do her tutoring jobs.  So far she has tutored students who needed help in Math, Chemistry, and Biology at a minimal fee of $10.00/hour.  Last week she was offered a paid job at the library which will start in July.  She was very pleased to have this opportunity. 

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  1. We really enjoy going to the Town Center also. It's one of our favorite things to do when the weather is nice. We've only been here a short time so I can't imagine how different it must have been. Only Raley's and! It's a lovely place to live even without the Town Center. We're so glad we moved here.


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