Saturday, April 10, 2010

Goodbye Ford Ranger

A truck that we enjoyed for eleven years has finally retired.  Freely we let it go to find a new life through Cars 4 Causes.  Someone out there will still find some good use for it. 

The plan was to keep the truck for Brahms to use when he starts driving which is a year from now.  New drivers are supposed to have old beaten-up vehicles and we thought that this would have been just the right one for him.  As it turned out that was only what we thought.  It overheated and blew off a gasket...and to our surprise it was a terminal case for a vehicle. 

It was a very useful vehicle in many ways: 
1.  Commute vehicle for Tim when we lived in Fremont.
2.  Hauled garden materials such as compost, manure, bricks, and plants.
3.  Hauled home appliances and furniture including two chairs that went a flying on I-50.
4.  Carried bicycles from the bottom of the hill when kids could not climb up with them.
5.  Provided fun ride for the kids and their friends from school - (no seat belt at the back of the truck.
6.  Carried a lot of junk to the dump.
7.  Carried Alas Cargo boxes to be sent to the Philippines.
9.  Used to help a number of our friends move.
10.  Offered to friends to use when they needed a vehicle.

Now that we do not have a truck, adjustment will have to be made on our part. We still have two vehicles at home but none of them is like the Ford Ranger.   

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