Friday, January 27, 2017

Blog in a Book

For my birthday this year, my husband did something very unexpected.  He had the entire content of this blog printed into one book!  Almost ten years of stories of life!  And imagine how many pictures there are considering that one of the things I like to do is take pictures.

It is interesting to see that my pattern in writing blog entries was severely affected by my physical condition.  Meaning I only posted entries when I was up to doing it.  I did not force myself not because I did not have anything worth writing about but because blogging to me is part of my way of reflecting and appreciating life.  It appears now that I can only appreciated life when I was not tired.  It makes sense!  There were years when I worked on a job and it was the time when I had very few entries because I was always exhausted.  There was hardly any energy left to think let alone document what I was thinking.  Had I had the energy to write them then, they would have been interesting stories.  However, I can also say that while I was not blogging, I was busy with other art form which is spending time with people at work, family and friends.  It was not a losing proposition either!  It's all good.

On the title of the book, it says "Volume 1".  This means that my husband intended to have a Volume 2.  Which means that I have to keep on writing.  Which may mean that I have to write better - for what is Volume 2 if it is not better than Volume 1?  :)  If I think about the original intent of my blog - which is to document life as I experience it, then the manner of the way it is written will not have any direct bearing on the matter.  :)

Everyday presents a story worth documenting.  

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