Saturday, January 21, 2017

Today is the day...

"Pomegranate in November" (1/20/2017)

I submitted my first entry to an art exhibition called "Aspiring Artist" at the Sacramento Fine Art Center.  This is the place where people with no previous experience in juried art shows are given opportunity to exhibit their works.  And I thought that this is just the place for me to chance my art.

"Pomegranates in November" (11" x 14" in watercolor) depicts a time last year when our small pomegranate tree is decorated with clusters of huge bright red fruits. It certainly looked like a Christmas tree at Thanksgiving.

Other than my artwork, there were other things that reflected amateurism such as: forgetting to take a picture of my painting before it was framed (The picture, as a result, is full of reflected light and hence it is not sharp); not knowing how to price my work; and not labeling my entry before submitting.  However, there are all things that I will learn after this first time.

I thank my husband who is always supportive in my endeavors. :)

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