Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day 2015

1.   ORHS Marching Band in Folsom.  The awesome Oak Ridge Marching Band joined the parade in Folsom.  Of course the families of those in the band were also there.  Even visiting family members were there.  Brahms who was off from work and school for the day decided to come home but guess where he spent a good proportion of his time?  The good thing was that he got to look like a good community member, he was with us and had the chance to meet Miriam's drum-line friends.

2.  Rise of Nations.   Miriam has been busy with band and school that she does not have time to  play video games.  Since it was a holiday and he brother was here, they played some.  I remember when Shannon and Brahms were in high school, they always tried to finish their homework early so that they could play some games.  But Miriam hardly ever have free time.  I think the other reason is that she does not have anybody to play with.  Oh the joys

3.  Ukulele.  Whenever Brahms comes home they seem to always find time to sing together.  It's not the serious singing but more like the comical style.  The last time he was home they wrote a song about her learning to play the ukulele.  If they were not laughing I would have thought that it was a real song.  Wait, it is a real song - an original song!  :)

4.  Jamming. Whenever two or tree of my kids are together, the house sounds very happy and noisy.  The noise come from different mediums - laughter, silly singing accompanied by some instruments, joking, story-telling, computer games, video games, board games, eating, washing dishes and depending on the time of the day, snoring :)  This time there was a lot of jamming.  They went on and on until it was time for brother to go back to Davis.

And that is how the day went in this house.  

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