Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Without Shannon

We did the normal things to do - cook Turkey and all the trimmings - the only difference was that Shannon was not there.  It was a relatively quiet day considering how loud the house would have been has Shannon been here.  Nonetheless, the house was still noisy with a lot of conversations, laughter and games.  

As a result of Shannon's absence, Miriam officially took over the making of our traditional Herbed Rolls.  She did a great job - the bread was yummy and it reminded us of a Lewis special occasion. Brahms made all the pies and he made the Pumpkin Pie from scratch.  He's nailed pie-making! 

 It was difficult to make plans for the rest of the family when one is out there and will not be a part of the celebrations.  To make myself feel better, I suggested a menu for Shannon - along with the shopping list to go with it which included the links on which item to buy and where to buy them. I was very relieved when she decided to go with it.   Once a helicopter mom, always a helicopter mom.  :)

As a family, we have a lot to be thankful for everyday. God has always been good to us.  In the end Thanksgiving Day is the day to recount all what we have and to acknowledge the source and the grace that lies behind them.  Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of peace that we can enjoy and not a lamentation over a longing that cannot be satisfied at the moment.

Thanksgiving Day 2015:  Cold and Sunny 

           And so Thanksgiving 2015 went by...

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