Sunday, November 1, 2015

Breaking Barriers for Friends

James, Jane, Mary, Max, Virgie, Vicky, Tim, Tin-tin, Helen, Verma, Marites, and Beng (behind the Camera).

After so many months of not been able to have people over, due to work schedule, thank God, I did it this time.  I am hoping that my mind will work with me so that this will be the beginning of many more gatherings with friends in our house.

A layer of our cover is peeled off every time we get together.

People put on many layers of masks because we are not sure of the people around us.  Self protection and preservation from each other is a natural human behavior.  But when they get together, a layer of their covers come undone.  Subconsciously, we reveal a little bit of ourselves but there is a lot about us that we keep hidden.  Only through repeated exposure of ourselves to the same people do we let loose of our vulnerability.  This may sound dangerous but it is the very way to have peace with everyone - and ultimately to have people we can trust.  For as long as we keep ourselves disguised, there remains a turmoil within us.

As a host I am not always sure that my guests will approve of my house and the food I serve.  But my guests are so good at easing this problem by eating what I serve and also bringing food to share.  That way, they also subject themselves to the same vulnerable position as the host.  Like I said earlier, a layer of our cover is peeled off every time we get together.

Tim teaches the kids to play Pit. 
When we get together, we chance an arm for the sake of friendship.  :)

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