Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Becoming an Artist

Miriam is now taking art lessons from Adam Reeder.  Becky Carmichael, classmate and friend, has invited her before but she was not that interested back then.  Now she is excited not only to learn but also to spend more time with her good friend.

Miriam and Becky Carmichael

Miriam's increasing interest in art is likely to have been a result of her big-sister's influence.  Both girls love Anime.  In fact Miriam along with her brother recently attended the AnimeCon 2013 in Sacramento where she got to meet some of the artists that she follows.   I am not sure if it was Brahms' artistic inclinations or his interests for freebies that brought him there.  But who knows?

Posing with her favorite Anime-artist. (Image by Brahms Lewis)

While waiting for her to get done with her class today, I had to spend an hour and a half strolling along Sutter Street in the Historic Folsom District.  I enjoy antique-shopping but for some reason, the smell of the antique stores made me feel nauseous. (Could it be that my love for old second-hand stuff is waning?) So I walked towards Snooks and got me a cone of Almond Praline ice cream - it made me happy.

 For those who are willing to learn, there is always room for improvement. 

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