Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ireland 2013: Powerscourt

From Dublin, we (Miriam, Brahms and I) traveled by train and bus to Enniskerry in the county of Wicklow to see the estate where scenes in the movie "Count of Monte Cristo" were shot - like the part where he arrives through an air balloon to introduce himself as Monte Cristo to his elite guests. 

Tim was not with us since he was attending the conference which is the reason we were in Ireland and of course Shannon was back in Irvine.  Wished the whole family was there but we took pictures to share.  But as I always say about places that we visit: who knows we may still have another chance to go back.

The Powerscourt is a very large estate.  As much as I was very interested to see all that it had to offer, I didn't have the energy to do just that.  We spent a lot of time sitting on benches - thank goodness they were many of them.

Something is supposed to be funny about this picture - something to do with traditional Chinese family portraits.

She was trying to pose for Brahms but I caught her in another angle.  

Taking a rest at the Japanese Gardens.

Aerial pose

They sat there while I inspected the roses.

The rose garden was situated against one side of the building.  

There is a tower in the garden with a small entrance and as you duck to get in, you see a sad-looking doll tucked in one of the alcoves.  A colorful object against the old stone brick wall is very unexpected which makes it spooky.  Whether it was part of the design or some girl forgot it there is not clear.  That, however, did not deter Miriam and Brahms to climb it all the way to the top.  

After our garden tour was over, Miriam and Brahms frolicked back to the cafeteria where we had lunch.  There are many gift shops but there was nothing that tempted me.  Everything seemed touristy.

Of course, there is always an ice cream at the end of every tour.

This is the entrance to the estate but to me it is more memorable as the place where my kids and I sat there for a long time waiting for the bus to come until we decided to walk to the village. We found out later that the bus was not scheduled to go to Powerscourt after a certain hour of the day. 

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