Saturday, August 3, 2013

A New Teenager

My little baby turned thirteen this year.  It's hard to imagine that it has been that long ago since she was born on that one hot summer day.  She remains to be the sweet little girl that she has always been - just smarter and now taller than me!   

Thirteen candles on a Lemon Meringue Pie

This year, her birthday celebration was spread over the course of a week.  First, she had some of her friends over - they played games and went to see a movie.  The next day she got her requested breakfast (crepes and bacon) made by her daddy and received a bunch of balloons from the Lippuner family. Then we got her an airline ticket so she could to travel to Irvine to see her sister.  Traveling alone for the first time as unaccompanied adult was surely an appropriate way to punctuate her arrival to teenage-life.   

Lots of love from the Lippuners!

Gestures with friends.

Her sister, Shannon, continued the celebration by surprising her with a red velvet cake upon her arrival.  The two of them spent such a special time bonding away from the walls of the home where they have parents and a brother.  And during that whole extended weekend they spent together, Miriam experienced things like living in a college dorm, mingling with them playing games, watching TV, eating, eating out or just hanging out.  I was so glad we thought of doing this thing for her.

Strawberries and watermelon prior to her choice of food: In & Out Hamburgers and Fries.

Opening presents is always fun.

Miriam with her friends: Will Leszinske; Jane Bonnell; and Becky Carmichael.  Not in the picture is Sharon Cha.

Big brother lights the candles.

 God, let her light shine brightly.

Another year has passed...I want to thank God, now and always, for the way He has protected this gift that He has added to our family.  

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