Monday, July 15, 2013

Ireland 2013: Newgrange and Hill of Tara

This is the facade of the prehistoric monument - Newgrange.  It is believed to have been built in 3200 B.C.   According to our tour guide, the number of visitors per year is being regulated by the government and that eventually - maybe fifty years from now, the place will not be open to the public. 

The surrounding area is very beautiful and seemingly agriculturally productive with the River Boyne on one side.  

From the visitor center, we crossed a bridge that leads to the other side of the river.  From there, a bus took us right next to Newgrange.

Around the major structure are several large stones erected.  No one knows what they were for but they are interesting to some.  

An Irish countryside...



Part of the tour was a visit to the Hill of Tara.  There is practically nothing to see there except a chapel. However, we were led to the hill where we had to walk through a sheep-dung studded field to go see where a tour guide gave us the history of the place.  The only visible monument so far (pending excavation and development) is the Rock of Destiny and the Mound of Hostages (which is more like a little Newgrange). With the history that goes with this place, I believe that decades from now, the place will become a full-fledged tourist attraction.  

The graveyard next to the chapel.

And every tour must end up in a Cafe, a gift shop, or an ice cream shop.  

The third day of our trip.

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