Friday, July 12, 2013

Ireland 2013: Malahide

The Lewis Family with the exception of Shannon, who decided not to join us in favor of work, arrived in Ireland on the morning of July 5th 2013.  At that time the apartment (18 Adelaide Road, Dublin) was not ready for us.  So from the airport we took a bus that brought us to the coastal village of Malahide to kill time. On the bus we got to talk to an Irish woman who was wondering what we are going to see in Malahide.  She recommended other places for us to visit. She was nice and friend (like what they say about Irish people) but I was distracted by the view of the villages that we were passing by.

When we arrived  there we went to get some breakfast at a bagel place called itsa... It was a nice cozy place for tired travelers.

We visited the old and once-upon-a-time-grand Malahide Castle and its lush gardens.  The grounds are very well maintained and expansive.  By the time we were done with the tour of the castle and a self-guided stroll of the gardens we were truly ready to settle into our quarters.

This was the first day of our trip.

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