Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grandparents and Surprises

Relatives and friends visited us around Christmas not in one big gathering but one group after the other.  For the kids, presents came in a staggered fashion.  For our guests, they all had a fair share of our undivided attention when they came. 

Mom (Marilyn) and Johnnye came on the 26th.  Of course when they visit us during Christmas time they always arrive in a car loaded with presents for everybody because they also deliver presents from all other relatives in Eureka (Humboldt Country) for us.  Once the presents are unloaded they make a dramatic pile around the Christmas tree.  My son once told me that the only time he came close to thinking that Santa Claus was real was a time when his Grandpa Johnnye said that Santa was stranded in the snow, and so they helped him deliver the presents. 

We are so grateful that Mom and Johnnye were able to come to see us all again.  It surprised us that they were interested in the house-for-sale next door.  We have encouraged them, more than once in the past, to move closer to any of their kids but this is the first time they have shown any interest at all in moving to near (very near) us.  They seem to have always desired to live in places away from the modern busyness of communities.  But that possibility, of them moving next-door to us was short-lived since the house was technically sold at that time.   Of course, there are still so many houses for sale in our neighborhood - if they are willing to live a little bit further away from us.  :)

With Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Johnnye - December 2011

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