Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beginning Flute

Miriam started her first flute lesson yesterday.  After taking lessons in percussion for many years she is ready to learn a new one.  Flute was the chosen because we already have the instrument - makes it cheaper.  He instructor Mr. Liam Irish was very kind to let me sit and observe.  He is a very lively instructor.  Miriam said that he is a better role model than his previous music teacher (whose name will not be mentioned for the sake of privacy) who always checked his iPhone every five minutes while, supposedly, teaching her.

Miriam was very nervous yesterday.  It really helped that I was there, at least for the first time.  However, Liam was very impressed of her great start.  She didn't make any mistakes in her notes, which is often a problem with beginners.  This is all because of her experience in playing percussion instruments. Today, she brought her instrument to school so that she can practice at the Band room during lunch break. 

She still plays percussion in band but who knows, if she learns fast, she might get to play flute at the last Rolling Hills Middle School concert of the year. 

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